Lago in Santa Monica

I love Italian restaurants where you have ingredients that are many times left out in Italian restaurants in the states.  I always think it’s a good sign when I see beef tongue, beef cheek, prosciutto, and  roasted bone marrow. Take a peak at their seasonal  “small bites” menu list:

We ordered the Lingua:

Of Course tongue isn’t the most appetizing to the ear, but it is the most tender meat you will every bite into.  The good thing about me is that I’ve been eating meats like this all my life, so it was never a big deal for me to get pass the idea of eating tongue because I ate it and loved before I even knew what it was.  I usually saw it chopped up in at taco so it wasn’t obvious what organ I was eating.

Once again, I ordered osso bucco.  I find myself on the hunt for the next best osso bucco.  This was tender, the outside was a little chewy, but I did finish the whole piece as the sauce made everything better.  It came with parmesan risotto which had nice texture, but a very light flavor 😦  Michael ordered the short rib which I have to say, was my favorite item at the table.  My sister had the tagliatelle dish which was very pleasing and light.  It was an appropriate small portion and had a carbonara sauce that was well seasoned but not overpowering.  Our waitress knew her Italian cuisine and was very informative on all the ingredients.  This is a great, intimate atmosphere.  Low lights, old chandeliers, and writing on chalkboards make a good old meets new Italian decor.



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