Sevilla in Long Beach

For a flavor of Spain, this place hits pretty close to home.  They have powerful flavors and colorful presentations that make you want to take pictures of instead of tearing into. Alas, that moment passed and I began my duty to gormandize.  As a lover of meats and cheeses, I had to order Bocadillos: Spain’s Best Cold Cut “Little Mouthfuls.”  This contained Seasoned toast with garlic-tomato sauce and: Cinta de Lomo, Chorizo Soria, Smoked Salmon, Imported Jamon Serrano, and Manchego Cheese.  We paired this with Alioli & Fresh Baked Bread ( Homemade Alioli & Andalusion tomato sauce and kalamata olive loaf). The server recommended us to combine the sauces, didn’t see that coming, it was fantastic!

  Next was a Tapas Combination Platter!  We had Shrimp Ajillo on one end, and my eyes widened as I saw dozens of  garlic slices hugging the shrimp. Bravo!  I love garlic, it is one of the gods in the food world. In the middle was Brava Sauteed Potatoes, and these puppies are spicy!  Very flavorful tomato sauce coating these potato slices.  At the other end was Grilled Spanish Sausages.  There was three kinds of sausages here, all very juicy and cooked to perfection.  One of the meats was morcilla, also known as black pudding, a thick sausage stuffed with pig’s blood and spices.  This does have a distinct and bold taste, one that I am slowly working up to.  At my parent’s  bar-b-ques, many of their Argentinian friends will cook an assortment of meats, one includes morcilla.  They love this, so it was a warm familiar sausage face to them and to Michael who was all about the flavor since the first time he tried it last year at my parent’s house.

Let’s move on to the paella, our Traditional Paella Valenciana (Spicy). This masterpiece is made up of mussels, clams, calamari, shrimp, scallops, roasted chicken and chorizo sausage.  There’s the option to make it spicy with their spicy tomato sauce.  Loving spicy food, we  took up the chance.  I love that leave the scallop shells, they make for a pretty presentation.  The one in the picture looks like it’s saying “hello.” The best is when you combine the softness of the rice with the scraped crispy part at the bottom of the skillet 🙂  I’ve never had bad paella here.  And don’t forget a pitcher of sangria!

Click here for Sevilla website


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