Zuni- Best Gourmet Food in Ireland- And you know where it comes from!

One of the best restaurants ever! Look at their awards on the wall

This restaurant and hotel is located in Kilkenny’s City Centre.  It was across the street from the Pembroke Hotel where my family and I stayed.  It just so happens that my travel book listed this restaurant as a highly recommended place to dine if the craving was fancy cuisine.  We hadn’t been to too many gourmet restaurants in Ireland at this point, so I was set on trying this place.  Some of the best food I have ever had.  The presentations were as elegant as the restaurant and staff.  And the taste was phenomenal.  What immediately caught my eye from the menu wasn’t a dish but a “Food Suppliers” list at the bottom.  Even on the website, you can find this list at the bottom of their menu.  This is faaaantastic.  We need to demand this more in America.  We should know where are food comes from without feeling like a pain in the ass if you ask your waiter to list suppliers of every item you are eyeballing on the menu.

Did I write that the food was amazing?

Assortment of freshly baked bread with pesto butter









Pork Belly with Poached Egg


Ask to sit in front of the kitchen, you can see the chef's execution!

Zuni website


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