A-Frame Restuarant still ROCKS with new menu

   This visit was about taking a friend out for his birthday.  The group was myself, Gia, Michael, and Birthday Boy Brian.  I noticed they updated their menu, and once again, they have created dishes with unique blends of ingredients that are a party for your taste buds.  It will be hard to find restaurants that will have the exact dish as any of these items on the menu.  Instead of explaining every item, I think it’s worth just reading the actual menu and seeing all the medley of flavors that go into each creation.

This is the menu and our choices in blue:

Furikake Kettle Corn
The Classic...broken
The Classic
Cracklin Beer Can Chicken
Knuckle Sandwich

Baby Back Ribs
Knuckle Sandwich at A Frame




Thick Ass Ice Cream Sandwiches- Black Pepper Szachuan Ice Cream & Salted Chocolate Cookie

Men's Bathroom at A Frame- by Michael

I might have to order the Prawns and Scallop dish next time I’m there.  I’m thinking a visit with the family.

A Frame Restuarant


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