River’s End

This sandy treasure is nestled in Seal Beach, and has a patio that ends right where the sand begins for their beach. My favorite are the fish tacos that are packed with spicy halibut and topped with fresh veggies and tomatillo sauce, yum!

That was my wise choice on my first visit there.  For my second I wanted to try Del Pacifico Enchiladas. I love crab, tomatillo sauce, and cheese, so this seemed like it was worth trying.  It was an interesting texture and taste than what i’m used to tasting from crab and shrimp.  It had a little bit of that salty taste and dry shredded texture you get when you dry shrimp.  Not saying this was bad, just different.  I had nothing to complain about as the tomatillo sauce and globs of cheese held up to my expectations.

Sippin' Bloody Mary at River's End
A VP from the Aquarium of the Pacific had her dogs there, they are waiting for treats from the kitchen


River’s End Website


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