2 Grills of Meat + Carving Board Plates = Asado at Anguiano’s

Growing up around Argentineans I was well exposed to the popular Argentinean Asado, which involves large cuts of all kinds of meat over grill or open fire.  In this last dinner, my dad fired up the charcoal and gas grill to spread the meaty gems.  This evening was for a visiting family of 5 from Mexico, so it was considered more of a modest sized dinner party.  When the my parents’ friends get together, more grills come out and you feel that an entire cow was spread among everyone’s station.  These asados are a treat because they consist of both popular cuts and some cuts that aren’t found in many stores.  Most of these are just lightly seasoned with salt and oil.  There are times we make the side of chimichurri (made of chopped parsley, dried oregano, garlic, salt, pepper, onion, with olive oil and/or vinegar, and numerous variations with herbs and vegetables).

This evening we had Asado de Tira (known as short ribs), Chorizo, Molleja (sweatbread), morcilla (also known as blood sausage or black pudding which is made by cooking dried blood in a casing where it congeals as it cools) I ‘m still getting used to the taste…baby steps), and entrana (skirt steak, beautiful tender piece of meat that keeps all its juices when cooked in its skin).

Carving boards make perfect plates for a meal of cutting into a variety of meats
Some Argentinean Asado with a simple salad of greens, tomato, red onion, and oil
Pass the Meat
Slicing into my short rib

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