Number Nine- Modern, Sustainable, Vegetarian Friendly Vietnamese Spot

“We support humane and sustainable family farms that produce only 100% natural, free-range and grass-fed meats and poultry.”

I’ve missed it driving by on 4th street, but when i took a stroll through the unique shops on 4th street, Long Beach, I stopped at this modern, pristine, and edgy place where I saw people enjoying pho and seafood goodies.  Number Nine Noodles + Beer is the name of the place.  Small, clean, and smelling of broth.


Recommended to squeeze the lime into the seasonings and MIX for a dipping sauce
Voila! Dipping Sauce
Calamari Binoculars *shrug


Chicken Pho (Suggested for colds and hangovers 🙂 )
5 Spice Chicken and Charbroiled Shrimp w/ Egg Roll over Rice Noodles

mmmmm noodles

 Very light and refreshing to the  tummy.  You get pleasantly full  without the greasy feeling in your mouth or stomach 🙂 Simplicity  in their decor and recipes makes  the “less is more” idea true, yet  they aren’t skimpy about their  portions…happy balance.


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