1 year Wedding Anniversary! Awesome

So the weekend was super relaxing!  Never left the grounds (you really don’t need to, this place is enormous).

Michael booked the poolside rooms which is separate from the main hotel building.  I loved that we just had to walk down the ramp to get to the pool.  This area is where we spent the majority of our weekend.  Room, pool, hot tub, pool, lounge chairs, room, pool, eat & drink.





Last time I packed myself with crab and and a quail egg delight:

Qual Egg Treat

This time i tried their Veal Stroganoff and it was one of the best dinners I have ever had!  It had such a light, creamy sauce mixed with pasta and hugging the cuts of veal.  The veal couldn’t have been anymore tender.  I had a love affair with this dish.  Also the scallops were seared perfect and didn’t even need the blue cheese cream that was neighboring it.  No pictures as this was incredibly dark and I don’t like the look of my camera’s flash on food.

We went for the breakfast buffet, there was an omelette station where I had them make my spinach, jalapeno, swiss, and avocado omelette.  I also love lox and bagels….

I tried the [short rib] Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Tomato Bisque while Michael had the Cheeseburger and French Onion Soup…Room Service Style!  We were whipped after our massage!

That will be the last time I ask for full pressure on my massage…we were aching for two days.

One Hour Couple Massage Baby!

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