Mom’s Crab Night for My Birthday

Crab Night at my mom’s used to be a yearly feast.  However, it stopped about the time I went into college.  I have begged my mom to do her crab and seafood dinner for my birthdays for the past two years, and now she granted that wish.

This night usually consists of live dungeness crabs steamed with beer, shrimp and clam on the grill, and shrimp linguini.

First, stop at 99 Ranch Market

LIve clams
Picking Clams
Weighing crabs at 99 Ranch Market
Picking a Fish for a Fried Snack
You Pick Your Fish and Tell Them the Number that Belongs to the Service You Want Done to Them
My mom does the dirty work and puts them in the pot with the boiling beer
Steamed Crabs Cooling Down


Clams on the Grill and in Marinade


Grilled Shrimp and Clams Marinading Butter, Parsley and Garlic


Put your bib on and get crackin'
Crab Carnage

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