Mr. Chows for my actual birthday! Watching Noodles in the Making

I’ve been wanting to return to this restaurant not only because I wanted my husband to taste the delicious food, but also to see how they make the noodles in person.  I had been there for lunch and was told that demonstration happened in the evening.  Finally, got to see it and got it on video 🙂

Making Noodles

Our group had the prix frixe dinner where we had tastings of whatever the chef chose.

Chicken Satay– This was pretty decent but it didn’t create a strong memory for me to order it again.

Glazed Prawns with Walnuts– Prawns with a creamy glaze and warm walnuts, love this pairing in all chinese restaurants.

Mr. Chow’s Noodles– This was my one request, I’ve had their noodles before and I wanted them again!

Drunken Fish- This was a new dish to me that is now one of my favorites.  It’s piece of tender sole with a creamy thick wine sauce that coats it very nicely.  The fish was so tender and my friend’s first comment was, “it dissolves in your mouth.”

Ma Mignon- little slices were juicy and well cooked, unfortunately we were getting full by the time this plate came around

Ma Mignon

String Beans with XO sauce- awesome side dish of greens, flavorful sauce

Lemon Pie- We shared a birthday slice of this sweet dessert, compliments of the restaurant.

At one point a chef emerged with a table and some dough.  He started to make noodles right by our table!

Chef finishes making noodles

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