Alejo’s Presto Trattoria

Since I was little, this Italian restaurant has been the pit stop on every LAX trip. The food is authentic and has wonderful flavor. When you sit down, the first thing on your table is sliced crispy bread and a bowl half filled with minced garlic in olive oil. This will almost sting your tongue from the amount of garlic that’s in here, but if you love garlic, you will soak up half up of it, then regret it when you are brushing your teeth for the third time that night. Overall, It’s worth it.


This is the only place where I get excited about having salad. Their Italian Chopped Salad is light and yummy. It has slivers of salami, a light cheese, garbanzo beans, tomato, and a really light and slightly creamy dressing that they don’t disclose on the menu. Getting a large plate for sharing works perfectly.


If you like shrimp, pasta, and a constant burn on your tongue…

Shrimp al Diablo


Michael got the Chicken Parmesan


Linguini Pescatore: with clams and calamari


I actually went simple and tried Pasta al Burro: linguini with butter and Parmasen


And of course wine and Italian Beer




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