Mrs. Knotts Chicken Restaurant

After a day at Knott’s Berry Farm, I’m excited to bring Michael to the famous Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Restaurant.

Fun Fact: Mr. Knott propagated the boysenberry, a cross between the red raspberry, blackberry, and loganberry. He names it in honor of his friend, Rudolph Boysen.

First to order: Berry Punch!

Also to go!

My mistake with this drink was that I drank the first glass really fast, and got pretty full.
The Chicken Meal



I’m not too crazy about the sides, but my stomach was set only on the chicken, so this didn’t irritate me too much. However, it wouldn’t hurt to add some mac n’ cheese…just a thought.
The chicken is delicious with a good amount of juiciness, just don’t pound the berry punch or you won’t have much room for chicken.

There definitely wasn’t any room for dessert at the time, so we took our boysenberry pie to go and had it for a midnight snack.


One of the best berry pies I have ever tasted. Usually, I prepare for an overbearing load of tart and sweet from berry filled pies, but this was just a taste of fresh, juicy, slightly sweet boysenberries and perfectly baked crust.

On a side note: We tasted these berries earlier on a funnel cake inside the park.



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