Bruxie in Orange


I’ve been here twice in one week! My college friend took me here and I loved it so much that I needed to take Michael after a game of badminton. Everything is in a light thin waffle with the right amount of crisp.


They have a variety of sweet and salty recipes that work perfectly in a fluffy waffle. Everything from prosciutto to pastrami can be found on the menu. My first try was the Fried Chicken & Waffle.

A thin fried piece of chicken drizzled with syrup on top of coleslaw and tucked between a folded waffle. Tender chicken with the right amount of sweetness from the chili syrup. I was afraid the waffle was going to be too thick and make it difficult to eat, but it was as easy as handling a taco. The waffle didn’t take over, it was a nice team player.


I had a taste of my friend’s Green Eggs and Ham, and loved it. It became my choice on my next visit.

A slice of Tillamook cheese melted on the inside of the waffle, slice of grilled ham, fried egg, topped with arugula pesto.


This was perfect for brunch hour! Michael got the pastrami sandwich: Boar’s head pastrami, gruyere, spicy mustard, and sour pickles.


The seasoning on the pastrami was very tasty!

The service is great and very attentive. I love the location of this place in old town Orange, because then you walk off the meal as you visit the cute shops and unique antique stores.

Good stuff.


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