Oyster House Saloon

I was in the mood for oysters and looked up places in the north Hollywood area. One mile away was Oyster House Saloon.

The reviews mentioned how it resembled a dive bar with an older crowd where most people were regulars and all knew each other including the staff. Most importantly, it mentioned great oysters and homemade peach vodka. I was sold.

The place was a cozy and casual bar style set up. It was buzzin throughout the place, and we got the last available table. It is an interesting mix of people. Michael did notice that there was a gradient of dark hair to white hair as you look down the bar. All did seem like regulars. I feel better when i see a lot of people at seafood restaurants, it makes me think there isn’t seafood that’s been laying out long.


The oysters were fresh and refreshing!! Nice with a pint of Stella.


Also they are having weekday $.50 oyster shooters to celebrate 40 years of business. It’s an oyster drowned in tangy cocktail sauce. I just had to smear a little of the cocktail sauce off since i like to taste a lot of the oyster itself. The sauce is pretty good though. So then i just squeeze a little lemon, sprinkle some salt, and fork that little oystie into the mouth.


The Cheesy Bread Toast is just that, cheesy…and sinfully good.


What’s also great is that the father and son owners make there own peach vodka. They will fill half a bottle up from the peach and vodka filled jug and walk over to your table and offer you to take a free shot with them. Smoooooth.


We also had Oysters Arthur- Oysters cooked with parmesan and bacon. Creamy goodness 🙂


At 10pm, there is live entertainment like the Latin jazz band that performed that night. I knew I was coming back to this place. The next day as a matter of fact.

I brought a book, ordered 1/2 a dozen oysters on the half shell, 1 order of oyster shooters, clam chowder, cheesy toast, and mango iced tea.



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