Nacho Daddy, NV

My sister raved about this nacho place. If you go after 3, the nacho plates are $5! They have every type of nachos, from spicy shrimp nachos to Thai Chicken nachos.
Check out just their appetizer section…


We started with bacon wrapped jalapeños that were stuffed with cheese, which were good for the most part. I was so hungry that I quickly dove into the first jalapeno, and burned the tip of my tongue 😦


Let’s move on to nachos.

I had the combination combo that came with cheese, jalapenos, guacamole, chopped tomatoes, lettuce, and meat!

I was told about the Thai chicken nachos and that they are one of the best plates on the menu. I was a little skeptical about having any kind of Thai food mixed in with corn chips, and played it safe by ordering the nacho plate that had the more common ingredients. Also, I figured I can still try it since my sister and Michael were ordering it.

I ordered the wrong dish!!!!

The Thai Chicken nachos was soooooo yummy!! The gooey, silky white queso sauce adds such a good flavor and creamy texture. The creamy flavor is a great mix with the sticky and salty chili sauce. I found myself scraping the remainder of the cheese off of Michael’s plate.

Thai Chicken Nachos:
Thai Spiced Chicken, Asian vegetables, sweet chili sauce, queso sauce over jalapeño corn chips



They have a pretty cool deal with the drinks for regulars. You can have your name etched on a beer mug where it will be kept chilled for your next visit. My brother-n-law got to try out his glass for the first time…


I may not have my own beer mug, BUT I did have a tasty michelada :-))))


http://nachodaddy.comnacho daddy


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