Fatburger’s XXXL Challenge

We are here at the Fatburgers to face the challenge! If we complete it, we get a certificate and our picture on the wall! Its an XXXL cheeseburger with all the toppings!!! I’m here with Arturo and Michael….Here we go!



Each row is for one of our burgers :-))))

Now for the XXXL patty burger with lettuce, grilled onions, cheeses, tomatoes, and relish!

I decided to eat around the burger so I would prevent all the juices ending up on one side of the burger, causing a soggy bread scenario ( I hate hate hate the look and texture of soggy bread).





This was the hardest point for my cousin…

He was the first one done, followed by Michael, then I hit a point where it looked like I wasn’t going to make it. I found my bites getting smaller and my chews getting longer.

It took mind control to focus on other things and not let nausea sink in. As I listened to Michael’s story, I went into auto pilot for the rest of my bites. My last bites actually had a lot cheese so it made it creamy and easy to go down.  It also helps that they make juicy burgers in general.

Ta Da!!


We got our picture taken and our certificates!!



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