Back from Mexico City!!!!

I had limited Wi-fi so i decided to hold all my food pictures and comments until I was back.  I already miss the food! From street vendors to fancy restaurants, the food was amazing.

One thing I have noticed in the past year is that when i eat food at home, especially fast food, i always have a clearing throat fest afterwards due to phlegm.  In Mexico, I had only two post meal annoyances that were very brief.  Many food experts have pointed out that Mexico actually uses a lot of fresh produce and don’t serve some of the over indulgent processes dishes that you would find at a U.S. chains.

Of course, there are definitely guilty pleasure food in Mexico that you would have to limit yourself to if you didn’t want to die of a heart attack, but it’s vacation, so i tried whatever they throw in front of me.  I just didn’t push it to the limit like i’ve been guilty of in the past visits.

The first place I knew I was going to eat at, was a hole in the wall taco place that my Mexico family always takes visitors after the airport pick-up because it’s so close to the airport and has delicious meats that not every taco place has.

Taco post in Mexico City
Taco post in Mexico City

One of the tacos we eat here are tacos de “nana,” this is uterus of the pig.  I know, it doesn’t sound appetizing but if you don’t mind eating any other part of the pig, you shouldn’t discriminate on this part just because it hasn’t been glamorized like ribs or hot dogs (which i wouldn’t be surprised if it contains all parts of the pig).  It is served as chopped pieces of tubular meat in a warm hand made tortilla.  It’s tender, a bit salty and very tasty.  Not many places have nana meat but i hear it’s spreading more and more.

Tacos de nana
Tacos de nana

Michael had carnitas which i never had at this place, and boy was i glad he ordered it.  I know this joint now as the best place to have a taco de carnitas.  It was the most tender and juicy handful of carnitas i have ever had.

I thought i would be brave with the hot sauce, and it sort of kicked my butt.  Very spicy but i was happy to be in  Mexico where salsas have strong seasonings and aren’t for the wimps.  Check out the giant molcajete of salsa!

Hot Sauce!
Hot Sauce!

Check out the pot of oil!

El Jacal

Started this trip right!


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