Mexico City-Gorditas (A Tie for 1st Place)

This was a new treat for me.  I’ve now been introduced to a true “Gordita.”  I love the cheesy gordita crunch at Taco Bell, but this is the real deal in Mexico. This is “Las Vikingas.”

I was taken to this hole in the wall kitchen that only has enough space for the cooks and one small table.  Every patron is seen eating on the sidewalk and standing in line for more.  Tucked away in the back, is a tiny kitchen where men are chopping up meat.  Up front, there’s a griddle where women are making thick tortillas on one end, cooking and stuffing them to perfection in the middle, and then topping them off with cooling condiments at the end.

They are known for their Gorditas de Chicharron.  This chicharron is a tender, almost sticky kind of meat that is from the pig’s skin.  It’s minced up and placed in in the slit of a fat sauteed tortilla, with a smear of light grilled cheese that might be manchego,  a scoop of cilantro and onion, and a spoonful of hot salsa.   This tastes amazing!!  My family took me back on my last day to have this again.  I usually don’t like dishes that contain a fat tortilla because it tends to take away the flavor of other ingredients and just fill you up instantly.  These are pretty thin considering they need to be thick enough to stuff,  and they are cooked perfectly so that there is a nice light greasy crunch.  It is the perfect pocket for the combination of ingredients it holds.  Everything tastes fresh and is served piping hot off the griddle.  These women made about a hundred of these just in the time we were there.  I love that you can watch them do your gordita from start to finish.

Women making Gorditas DSC_0743 Homemade Tortillas for Gorditas DSC_0747 DSC_0748

Cooking Tortillas on left, cheese in the middle, and chopped chicharron
Cooking Tortillas on left, cheese in the middle, and chopped chicharron

Best Gorditas from Mexico City

That row is for our group!
That row is for our group!

If I had a bad day, drunk munchies, good day, or just hungry, this would be the food that would do it for me if I lived in this town.


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