Empanada Day!

Empanada comes from the Spanish verb empanar, meaning to wrap or coat in bread.  This is a Spanish and Portugal delight.  It’s dough wrapped around a meaty stuffing, made into a half moon shape, and  then fried.  It appeared in a cookbook published in the 1520.  It was known to be stuffed with seafood such as sardines and cod, with some chorizo.  Empanadas and similar  fried pastry dishes are  believed to be rooted from the Indian meat-filled pies samosas.  

I found out that empanadas were first known to be served at Taco Bell in the United States before spreading across Latin American restaurants.  There are many variations of the dish across the world, from Jamaica to Mexico.  One of my favorite empanadas come from an Argentinian store. It simply has seasoned ground beef and olives ( I take out the olives, still can’t eat them when their strong juices).  The bread typically has this buttery richness that seeps into a flaky layer bread. It’s too late for me to get one today, but who says i can’t honor it tomorrow 🙂




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