Knotts Berry Bloom 2014

This year, we spent the morning at Knott’s Berry Farm. I am a big fan of the Easter Beagle and food, so it seemed like the time had come to find the Easter beagle for myself and take part in the boysenberry madness.

First thing was first….


There were special food stands around ghost town that sold their grilled favorites with their secret boysenberry BBQ sauce!
I tried the Flank Steak…



There were also turkey legs that you could have with the special sauce…


Gave attention to the Boysenberry Banjo Player…


Was drawn to boysenberry themed items…



Had a time out…


Then wreaked havoc once again…


Peppermint Patty took my ears in this one.


I was too late for the pie eating contest, but not a bad overall three hours at Knott’s for the start of our Easter!

A cool item up for sale were boysenberry plants! Each pot cost about $14. I planned on buying one before I left but completely forgot as I realized my free parking period was ending and I made a dash to the car. However, I was surprised later by my own boysenberry plant.



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