Plan Check Sawtelle

Today I’m going to let the LA traffic die down, along with the heat, and I’m going to treat myself to a burger at Plan Check. I’m excited to see The Spicy Chicken Sandwich. The last time I had this, I was blown away by the tenderness of the chicken and creaminess of the spicy cheese.

Here it comes…


This is a massive piece of chicken, I’m surprised there aren’t any bones in this. I feel like they fried a complete chicken. I am having to tear out pieces and eat them like nuggets. This makes me realize how good the chicken is on its own. Juicy and HOT!! I have a bad habit of not waiting for my food to cool. I want to use all of my taste buds to enjoy all this flavor but a quarter of them are numb now because I rushed into my first bite, having oil spew at my tongue. Sigh.

Alright, I am also ordering Kung Pao Wings to go. I don’t want to push my gut and destroy my experience here, so I’m taking some wings that I have never tried before. Since they are on the SPECIALS board, they will not always be here. You can order one wing at a time which is pretty good for someone who does not want to commit to a whole lot of burn. Can’t wait to try these.


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