Sprinkles has Gluten Free Red Velvet Cupcakes!

I recently went to the doctor, where I’m supposed to pay attention to what I eat when I get my phlegm reaction. Gluten was a possible culprit so I’ve been trying gluten free products when available. I was surprised to find that option at Sprinkles! My favorite flavor, Red Velvet, can now be made with gluten free flour. You can easily tell the cupcake apart in your party’s box of goodies by the “G” they place on top where their signature dot usually is. The cupcake didn’t feel as fluffy as the original but the taste was still there and their cream cheese frosting is still the same recipe.

I’m sure many will be excited for this considerate act as the red velvet cupcake is the most popular flavor. Also, they have one cupcake flavor that is sugar-free! My father usually makes an exception and eats a cupcake whenever we stop at Sprinkles, but now he can make the easy effort to choose the sugar-free cupcake available. I’m all for more people being included in the enjoyment of treats 🙂



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