Apples, Berries, and Pumpkins OH MY!

There’s still time!  Get your fresh apples and berries at these fun family orchards.  There’s nothing like having a jug of apple juice that you pressed with apples you picked just minutes before.  Below is a post from the last time I was in Oak Glen, check it out!  I hope you get inspired to get out of your area for a day and walk among the orchards.



Riley’s Farm in Oak Glen, CA is a great place to pick apples, rasberries, and blackberries.  The best thing is pressing your own apples into a fresh jug of cider.













There are many farms and orchards to choose from, since our first visit we have narrowed it down to two places that we decided were the best for us and now just go straight to these favorites.  We love Riley’s because the grounds are so big and open, it never feels crowded.  There is a good variety of apples, blackberries, raspberries, and they have pumpkins as well.  You can also press your apples here and leave with a jug of delicious apple juice.  There are also games like archery and hatchet throwing 🙂





They provide you with your own apple picking tool to reach those apples out of reach (which is almost every apple).


Time to make CIDER

Filling Bucket with Apples for the Cider


Rinsing Apples with Water and a Tad of Bleach


Throwing in Apples to Grind


Grinding and Grinding


Time to Press!


…and Press…


Here comes the juice!


Here comes the goods!


Voila! Apples and Cider


Now for some archery lessons…

Not bad, not bad…at least we got on the paper


And off to one of the biggest pumpking patches on our way out of Oak Glen…

U-Pick Farms are still offering the fun!


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