Huntington Library Tea Room, Updated

In the past I have known the Huntington Library Tea Room to be set up as a food buffet with tea and scones served at your table.  Now a tiered tray of tea sandwiches and pastries are served at your table. You now receive a menu, listing the items that will be served. There is also a long list of teas that you may request in addition to the signature Huntington Blend such as Jasmine, Tropical Fruits, Vanilla, Bergamot, etc.

If you have a large party, like I did on this day, there is a small private room that also has plenty of light shining in and with views of the herb garden.

Smoked Salmon & Caviar 🍴Avocado w/ Arugula and Mushrooms [intended to taste like bacon] 🍴 Persian Cucumber w/ Goat Cheese and Watercress 🍴Chicken Salad Sandwich 🍴Egg Salad Cup

Crumpets are a new item that are added to this tea experience. Scones and Crumpets are made fresh every morning…

The fruit was fresh and light. I noticed a little fella on the top tier that I was not familiar with, it was a gooseberry…

Oh you little Gooseberry! Fun Nutritional Fact: High in Vitamin C and known to fight aging, cancer, and neurological diseases. Fun Urban Term: Someone who tags along with a couple or couples, but is single themselves 😁
It was a mixture of rain and sunshine today. My group was lucky, it only rained when we were in the tea house. It was so calming to be sipping on a variety of teas and nibbling on finger foods while looking out at the garden with the rain coming down.


Sprinkles has Gluten Free Red Velvet Cupcakes!

I recently went to the doctor, where I’m supposed to pay attention to what I eat when I get my phlegm reaction. Gluten was a possible culprit so I’ve been trying gluten free products when available. I was surprised to find that option at Sprinkles! My favorite flavor, Red Velvet, can now be made with gluten free flour. You can easily tell the cupcake apart in your party’s box of goodies by the “G” they place on top where their signature dot usually is. The cupcake didn’t feel as fluffy as the original but the taste was still there and their cream cheese frosting is still the same recipe.

I’m sure many will be excited for this considerate act as the red velvet cupcake is the most popular flavor. Also, they have one cupcake flavor that is sugar-free! My father usually makes an exception and eats a cupcake whenever we stop at Sprinkles, but now he can make the easy effort to choose the sugar-free cupcake available. I’m all for more people being included in the enjoyment of treats 🙂


Knotts Berry Bloom 2014

This year, we spent the morning at Knott’s Berry Farm. I am a big fan of the Easter Beagle and food, so it seemed like the time had come to find the Easter beagle for myself and take part in the boysenberry madness.

First thing was first….


There were special food stands around ghost town that sold their grilled favorites with their secret boysenberry BBQ sauce!
I tried the Flank Steak…



There were also turkey legs that you could have with the special sauce…


Gave attention to the Boysenberry Banjo Player…


Was drawn to boysenberry themed items…



Had a time out…


Then wreaked havoc once again…


Peppermint Patty took my ears in this one.


I was too late for the pie eating contest, but not a bad overall three hours at Knott’s for the start of our Easter!

A cool item up for sale were boysenberry plants! Each pot cost about $14. I planned on buying one before I left but completely forgot as I realized my free parking period was ending and I made a dash to the car. However, I was surprised later by my own boysenberry plant.


Happy Waffle & Chocolate Covered Raisin Day!

I think one of the great places that come to mind when I think waffles, is Bruxie.

Just check out the ways this place serves up a gourmet waffle sandwich…

I loved the Fried Chicken & Waffle, Prosciutto & Gruyere, and Green Eggs and Ham!

Buttermilk Fried Chicken & Waffle
Chili Honey & Cider Slaw

Bruxie Burger
Angus Beef Patty with Tillamook Cheddar, Tomatoes, Pickles, Mayo & Crisp Lettuce

Bacon, Egg & Cheddar
Tillamook Cheddar, Mayo and Applewood Smoked Bacon

Prosciutto & Gruyere
Prosciutto di Parma and Gruyere Cheese with Whole Grain Mustard & Chives

Smoked Salmon Lox & Dill Cream Cheese
Michel Cordon Bleu Cold Smoked Salmon with Herb Cream Cheese, Cucumbers & Chives

Green Eggs & Ham
Grilled Ham, Tillamook Cheddar, Jumbo Egg, Mayo & Arugula Pesto

Roasted Mushroom & Goat Cheese
Laura Chenel’s Chevre Goat Cheese, Fresh Basil, Arugula & Balsamic Reduction

Turkey Club
Boar’s Head Roasted Turkey, Gruyere, Avocado, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Tomatoes, Crisp Lettuce & Pesto Aioli

Albacore Tuna Melt
Premium line caught Oregon Albacore, Tillamook Cheddar, Romaine Lettuce & Tomatoes

Hot Pastrami Bruxie
Boar’s Head Pastrami with Gruyere, Cider Slaw, Spicy Brown Mustard & Half Sour Pickles

Cheesy Bruxie
Tillamook Cheddar & Gruyere Cheese

Nutella & Bananas With Sweet Cream

Seasonal Créme Brulée
Classic Vanilla Créme with Burnt Raw Sugar & Seasonal Fresh Fruit

Lemon Cream & Berries
Intense Lemon Cream with Seasonal Berries

Belgian Chocolate, Graham Cracker & Toasted Marshmallow

PB & J
All Natural Peanut Butter and choice of Preserves

Ogura Bruxie
Asian Original with Red Bean & Sweet Cream

Lemon Meringue “Pie” Bruxie
Intense Lemon Cream, Graham Cracker & Toasted Marshmallow

Brussels Waffle With Maple Syrup, Butter, Powdered or Cinnamon Sugar

Liege Waffle with Caramelized Pearl Sugar

Chocolate Filled Liege With Dark Belgian Chocolate

Waffle Cut Fries

Irish Nachos
Crispy Waffle Fries With Homemade Cheese Sauce, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Sour Cream & Chives


If you’re in Denver, they are starting to spread their love over there!


Let’s Be Frank

This will be a quick post, just like my meal. The production that I work on treated us to Let’s Be Frank. This is my first time trying their food and it smells delicious.

For the meat today, I have a choice of Frank (beef), Brat (pig), Mutt (beef & pig), and free-ranged Turkey.

They pride themselves on having grass-fed beef and pork from locally owned farms and ranches. They use sustainable and organic ingredients to compliment their hot dogs for an all around delicious and sustainable experience.

I chose the Brat with grilled onions and Devil Sauce! The devil sauce has organic California grown peppers blended into it. It wasn’t too spicy for me, just enough kick to have a soft lingering heat towards the end. It has a chutney type of texture to it.


Crustacean, Beverly Hills

We are off to Crustacaen for the first time! I am so excited. We are celebrating my mom’s 62nd birthday where she has been wanting to go for a long time. I know I’m at least going to try An’s famous garlic noodles 🙂
To be continued…

Be-Back Bar to RePUBlic

Be-back bar was a nice dive bar with a friendly atmosphere by the downtown area of Covina. The young owners have now transformed the place to a shiny, modern, and youthful scene filled with a shiny bar of twenty beer taps facing you as you walk in (their original ones still behind the bar).

This place also has a billiard table and multiple dart boards to get competitive with 🙂


One of the owners has his own michelada recipe called JR’s Michelada. It’s my favorite drink to get there. Highly recommend it!


Nice way to make use of the light switch pole…


Newport Beach Brewing Company

Settling down at the Newport Beach Brewing company and trying one of there beers on tap… Wedge de Strawberry. It’s a hef with a slight strawberry undertone. Now for their “famous” wing sauce buffalo wings and soccer!!!

Mac N Cheese Pizza!!! The bacon is crispy and the sauce is creamy.


Mother’s Day on board and dining fish!

Went on the Spirit of the Dana for a Mother’s Day brunch. It was almost 3 hours at sea with chilly weather and constant fog that was pretty relaxing. It was fun to see the men in my group work to set sail while I snapped pictures. Unfortunately we didn’t see any dolphins or whales. The majority of animals were sea lions and pelicans.

The brunch was more of snacks that went quickly. There were cookies, bite size brownies, croissants, and beverages in the beginning, followed by egg quiches that were good but difficult to eat at times.

The service and trip were nice and relaxing, just prepare to have a real meal after. It was probably good that you don’t get full on this ship so it can settle easy in your stomach considering the possible motion sickness you can experience. I came prepared with Dramamine in my system 🙂





Right down the road was Dana Point wharf where we had fish n’ chips at Jon’s Fish Market. Although they had many options such as fish tacos, swordfish, shrimp cocktails, etc. we all wants the main thing. The batter was crunchy with the fish being tender. Everyone at my table loved it and ate my excess batter that I was too full to eat 🙂

Now for a Sprinkles cupcake for dessert!